Friday, May 24, 2013

Google Plus Profiles - Child's Play Goes a Long Way in Validation

Who am I? A simple question, and certainly one that only one's self
is best suited to answer.

Linda Maintanis - Saint George Court, Warwick, RI
Much to their disappointment folks often find that their net forward self appears distorted. Search results leading to them or their online comments and posts are a rat's nest of snippets.

Google Plus is a great way for them to make their online posts, comments and reviews legitimized by their true identity as verified by Google. Your Google Plus Profile pulls all of those scattered tidbits together into a neat home-camp, so to speak.

The easiest way to do this is to log-in to your Google account (like where you get your Gmail) and open your account profile. From there you will go through the necessary upgrade to transform your old Google account and to help Google shake hands with you. From there it's just child's play. Enjoy!

Linda Maintanis

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Get Google Rewards - Add an About Us page to your blog

Google is a glutton for information. It has a ferocious appetite for quality material. The more (great) content you load up and diversify your pages with the more likely that the big g will reward you with higher page ranks.

Linda Maintanis

This should be no surprise to bloggers, yet it appears to be. Why should you expect that your blog will be treated any differently than any other webpage? With rare exception most blogs fall flat. And then they wonder why. If you're in it for the page ranks then listen up. This simple trick will get you started. Create an About Us page for your blog.

Enhancing your blog with some text and image links on an About Us page is like a mating call to Google's crawlers. I wanted to put the idea to the test; but it also seemed like a big waste of my time. An About Us page? On my blog?Linda Maintanis? which already has a link to my Google+ profile?...they know who we are, or I am, so why be redundant? To be specific.

The answer. To be specific. A validation, a declaration you might say, of who you are and what your intent is. That's all. Simple. Oh, and did I say Simple? Yes, keep it short and simple.

So how and where do I do this? I begin by "googling" the subject. A little research sums up the project and produces a few decent links to some instructions. Try reading Derek Halpern, How to Create an Amazing Blog About Page for a step-by-step guide to create a page that resembles a mission statement. A straightforward approach for an About page with original content can be found on Mashable's list of 21 Creative Blogger Bio Pages . You'll see here that practicality should govern common sense. Points here are to be humble, honest and humorous so as to provide transparency to your readers.

Lastly, you'll need some technical support, if like me, you're on your own. This page, How To Create Static Pages in Blogger, from HelpLogger is a no-brainers guide to perfection in one try.

It only took about fifteen minutes per blog to add the page, I will make note of today's date and monitor my Google Page Ranks for any change.