Friday, December 20, 2013

Donate Spit to Science - Common Tech for the Common Cold Healthcare - Scanadu - Linda Maintanis

If you've been reading me lately you already know about the nasty germ I picked up from a toddler; he was competing in an Olympic Cough event on a Delta Airlines flight November 30... Yes, that germ was live and contagious so along with a couple of hundred other folks I was infected.

My own symptoms were of  a sinus infection with a touch of pleurisy. After two weeks I began to tire of the flavor of mucus and was spending way too much time online. Then, a post on Facebook led me to a surprise, to Scanadu.

It read, "Scanadu Invites You to Donate Your Spit for Science!"

Do you have a cough, fever, sore throat, achy muscles and/or a runny nose? YES!

If You Do, help us better understand the biology of upper respiratory infections and/or the flu. Your spit may, down the line, help reduce unnecessary antibiotic use, help limit the spread of respiratory pathogens and contribute to a new product design.

I read more and learn that all participants will receive a $10 Amazon gift card for their contribution. Sweet.

I find the idea that someone is tracking which bacteria and viruses are in sick people's mouths clever. Mapping them by region and specific strains is brilliant. Imagine watching a wave of pathogens shift around the country...hmmm, maybe the contagious toddler from the Delta flight had spread germs out of his home base, Raleigh, NC.

scanadu, healthcare, survey, amazon,warwick, riCount me in.
I completed the online application and as promised, received my collection vial
in a plain brown wrapper.

scanadu, healthcare, survey, amazon, warwick, ri

Instructions are provided and quite simple. The plastic collection vial is well designed and it's just like they say.

They want your spit.

Next, you complete a brief, very brief, questionnaire and seal it all back into the pre-labeled box they provide you with.

I dropped mine into
the mailbox today.
The webpage says that when they receive the sample they will send
the gift card.
scanadu, healthcare, survey, amazon, warwick, ri