Thursday, June 4, 2015

Create a Pinterest Widget for Your Blogger Pages

Adding widgets and links to your blog will not only help it get a nice fat rank in search engines but also gives interest and entertainment to your readers.
As you customize your blog you will undoubtedly find yourself looking for options to add a Pinterest link of some sort.

Linda Maintanis - MrsMay - Saint George Court, Warwick, RI

It was finding myself in that place which led me to find the two most popular options. First you have your basic Pinterest button. The big "P" so to speak.

Follow Me on Pinterest

If you want to just add the button to your blog follow these simple steps: Pinterest Buttons for Blogger. This button will just suggest Pinterest to your readers without being too flashy.

The other option allows you a little more flash by showing a sample of your boards. You tweak the widget to build a Pinterest billboard which allows readers to enter you Pinterest pages. As you can see below this is a beefy chunk of real estate that showcases your Pinterest pics... nice.
Try it here, Widget Builder - Pinterest for Business

by Linda Maintanis