Saturday, August 29, 2015

Verizon Cloud or Motorola Migrate? Content Transfer a Snap With New Droid Turbo

Mother's Day, 2015. We had just landed in Saint Martin, grabbed a cab and checked into our hotel. It was then, in the cool, Italian style bathroom that my Droid Turbo fell into the toilet.

It worked briefly before going out with a strong finish by crackling and popping during a final call to the states. That night I finagled my way around the internet via my laptop and had a new phone being delivered on Tuesday. One catch, it was going to my home address, and required a signature. This was avoided by changing the delivery address to a family business with a receptionist to sign for the package. Tuesday morning, immediately following its' delivery the phone goes to the local Fedex center for an overnight trip to Saint Martin. It arrived about 2:45pm on Wednesday and I plugged it in to charge.

Thursday was spent driving around the island trying different towers for an activation. No success; a phone call to Verizon told me that I could only activate a new phone with a Verizon tower, and there were none here. Quick thinking led to a swap of sim cards, old to new, hoping that the sim card was not damaged in the dunk. After the card exchange the Verizon agent was able to link my old sim (account activation) with my new device. That was like magic.

Over the next seven days I redesigned my home page and added apps. Once home my old phone came back to life when hooked to the PC. I was able to execute both Cloud and Migrate features for the first time and transfer my content.

First I tried the Cloud method. For this you have to have backed up your content to the Verizon Cloud. My device said the most recent backup was just a few weeks prior so I felt lucky and proceeded. The device led me thru simple steps and took little time. All finished and most stuff made the transfer, but not all. Frustrated, I repeated the process again with Cloud.
Same results.

Researching the issues online led me to the mention of Migrate, Motorola Migrate. Back to the phone, and app store for Migrate. I open Migrate and follow their steps to transfer content. A short time later it's finished. This time I have all of my content.
A miracle.

Lucky for me I had purchased some equipment replacement insurance back then on Mother's Day because that phone took a tumble onto rough blacktop outside the nail salon. Serious cracks.
( At this point I had no knowledge of the one time only Screen Replacement provision offered by Verizon) I file a claim with Asurion for a replacement phone.

Thursday night, July 29th UPS dropped off my new Droid Turbo. ( I shouldn't say new because it is clear that this phone is a reconditioned item.) Set on the charger overnight, I also backed up the cracked phone to Cloud to prepare. In the morning I started the Cloud transfer again. It was frustrating to again find missing contacts and content. Feeling comfortable with the Migrate app I repeated and quickly restored total content.

Great. Until the 31st of July when the device starts showing clear signs of defect. Volume issues plague both the phone ringer and the earpiece making calls somewhat crippled. I contact Asurion customer service and they respond by shipping a sim card. A sim card? Two weeks later and the phone is no better. Finally I make another call to customer service with the same issues remaining unresolved. On August 17th Asurion sends me another replacement phone, this time a new, factory sealed phone.

On the charger and ready for a morning transfer. This time I opt to try Migrate first, hoping to see total content the first time around. Migrate works smoothly and I check the results. Nope, disappointment again. At least I tried; so this time the only way to transfer everything was to now run Cloud. That worked. So in the end it didn't matter which one was first, you had to run both apps to get all content restored.